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SlateDesign Translucent stone veneer is made of a very thin slate layer and a special UV-resistant, transparent resin layer. Transparent SlateDesign stone veneer makes furniture, counters, walls, shopwindows and displays truly spectacular once it is backlit. By varying the intensity and color of illumination  quite unique surface effects can be achieved. So far such effect was possible only by backlighting the very expensive onyx and alabaster, but with the use of SlateDesign Translucent stone veneer 21 different spectacular stone patterns become visible.

The maximum thickness of Translucent stone veneer slabs range from 1,2- 2.0 mm and weigh between 1.5 – 1,7kg / m2.

The Translucent stone veneer slabs can be  purchased in standard 610 * 1220 mm sizes, but certain color variations are available in 2100 * 1050 mm sizes upon customized orderings.

Translucent advantages

  • 100% natural stone surface, only a few millimeters thick
  • Innovative product for home decoration and renovation
  • Very spectacular lighting solutions, even for outdoor purposes
  • About 21 different kinds of pattern
  • Flexible, lightweight, sturdy and durable
  • Installation is very simple, no special tools are required
  • Cheap transportation, easy to move
  • Eco-friendly product

Translucent surface and installation

Like the majority of slate or natural stone covers, Slate Design stone veneers can be treated with protective, water and oil repellent, surface polisher or starch coating. Depending on usage conditions, it is recommended to cover the surface with various impregnation material. For optimal results follow the surface treatment manufacturer’s instructions.

For stone veneers distributed by us, we offer complex adhesive and surface protection solutions, either used in the construction industry, wood- and furniture industry, or for home decorations. Upon your request we provide technical data and application instructions.