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Lite Stone is made of real stone, a stone veneer that is reinforced by glassfibre and resin substrate.

Due to its favorable features, after surface treatment, it can be applied on many different indoor and outdoor surfaces. Thanks to its light-weight and flexibility its usage is diverse: for regular wall surfaces and for surfaces (vertical or horizontal)previously thought inadequate for stone covering  due to excessive weight and exfoliation. It can be installed on almost any surface: floors, walls, tiles, plasterboards and many more.

The thickness of Lite Stone stone veneer slabs ranges from 1.4 to 3.2 mm, and based on 2 surface they may have standard or Myca design. The average specific gravity of Lite Stone stone veneer is 1.5 kg / m2.

Lite Stone veneer slabs can be purchased in 610 * 1220 mm standard sizes,  but certain color variations are available in 2100 * 1050 mm sizes upon customized orderings.


  • 100% natural stone cover only couple of milimeters thick
  • No dust, debris and noise during installation. Ideal for quick and quiet renovation of flats, hotels and  public institutions
  • Trendy innovative product for architectual executions, decoration and renovations
  • It can be directly adhered to wood, tiles, plasterboard, concrete, metal,  plastic or plaster surfaces
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Suitable for floor and wall surfaces
  • Available in both matte and glossy surfaces
  • Nearly 21 different kinds of pattern
  • Flexible, lightweight, sturdy and durable
  • It can be adhered directly to the tiled floor and wall
  • Installation is very simple and no special tools are required
  • Cost-effective application, cheap  transportation, easy to move and handle
  • Eco-friendly product


Lite Stone stone veneer slabs for indoor and outdoor use, adhere to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Lite Stone veneer slabs may be fixed on different surfaces with any standard viscous or foaming laminate adhesive. Prior to applying the adhesive, thorough cleaning and degreasing is required. All kinds of oil stains, dust or other contamination has to be removed. In some places, depending on the adhesive used, it may be necessary to prepare the back of Lite Stone veneer slabs  with a dissolvent, or other primer undercoat  recommended by the manufacturer of the adhesive. It is  advisable to test the adhesive before final application to the surface.

Surface treatment and installation

Like the majority of slate or natural stone covers, Slate Design stone veneers can be treated with protective, water and oil repellent, surface polisher or starch coating. Depending on usage conditions, it is recommended to cover the surface with various impregnation material. For optimal results follow the surface treatment manufacturer’s instructions.

For stone veneers distributed by us, we offer complex adhesive and surface protection solutions, either used in the construction industry, wood- and furniture industry, or for home decorations. Upon your request we provide technical data and application instructions.